Planetary mixer



PlanetMixer® 400 is studied for companies which demand elevated productive volumes. That’s why it is possible to use basin moving device and robotized discharging systems. PlanetMixer® 400 is extraordinarily versatile and it yields excellent results for any type of soft mixtures such as wire-cut biscuits, dosed and injected products etc. Hard doughs as rotative moulded biscuits, pie, short bread, etc. PlanetMixer 400 is a machine constructed and studied to guarantee the maximum alimentary security’s requirements and it is operative unitedly with the elevated quality of the final product. The Planetary ratio between tools and scraper is 1:5. The entire bridge shaped structure is built in stainless steel AISI 304. A special device permits the setting of the bowl’s speed lifting/lowering in the beginning and in the end of the production in order to optimize the work time and to safeguard the equipments and the internal apparatus of the machine in presence of solid ingredients or particularly hard ones.


Technical Features

  • Members for the transmission of the planetary motion to the work instruments, and of the rotary motion to the scraper, are closed in a reducer completely built in stainless steel AISI 304 and bell-shaped for a perfect hygiene. The gears are immersed in oil bath to reduce frictions and noises.
  • Airtight Bell active with the basin in work position, built completely in stainless steel AISI 304. A special washer in alimentary silicone, exclusive of the Unimixer system, is lodged on the bell.
  • Possibility to install some devices for the automatic dosing of ingredients
  • Possibility to install automatic discharging systems of the manufactured product


Security and Hygiene Devices

  • System of purifying filters in order to obtain dehumidified air and depurated from polluting agents.
  • Accident prevention protections: anterior which can be opened and are provided with security sensors, and fixed posterior protections.
  • Security valve: automatic in order to expel the air in the end of the cycle.



Electric control board

Each Gorreri Planetmixer is available in DELUXE Version with electric board and touch screen PLC lodged in a stainless steel separate cabinet.


Electronic Features

  • PLC of a brand chosen by the customer.
  • Interface user “Touch screen” with multilingual software
  • Maintenance of the recipes’ archives with 10 working phases for each recipe.
  • Video monitoring of the working recipe with the visualization of each phase parameters, of the mixer’s operative state and its principal apparatus
  • Video signalling of alarms by detailed schedules of the alarm causes.