GORRERI The Cakes Process Company, was established in 1987 with the aim to become a dynamic company able to bring innovations in the field of the Cakes Industrial Production.

The Company

Innovation inspires us. Expertise drives us.

GORRERI was founded in 1987 by Mr. Luigi Gorreri, who still leads the company, in the middle of the Italian Food Valley, the valley that would soon also become the Food Tech Valley.

Surrounded by the best food machineries producers and by the best machineries component providers, Gorreri has developed and enhanced those technologies such  Turbo Emulsifiers in continuous and Sponge Cake Industrial Lines, which were firstly designed by Mr Luigi Gorreri, before he founded his own Company, more than 55 years ago.

Still led by the Gorreri Family, the company has, over time, conquered the most important international markets by providing solutions that are not just machinery, but a set of know-how, skills, competence and reliability, both of the company and of the equipment itself.
Attention to the client, study of highly performant solutions and the choice of the best partners on the market for every part, as well as a concrete and reliable after sale service, make the rest and permit to Gorreri today of being one of the most renowned companies that manufacture machines for the confectionery industries.


Our Philosophy

Any Gorreri equipment is engineered and manufactured following a specific constructive philosophy that makes unique and inimitable our products.
Optimize is better that wasting space and time
Clean is better than dirt
Easy is better than hard
Neat is better than disorganized
Strong is better than fragile

Predictable? Almost never in the food processing machinery sector.

GORRERI in numbers
37 years of activity
55 years of know-how and experience in the equipment engineering for the confectionary industry
120 Sponge Cake lines in the world that produce automatically without interruptions
5000 square meters of the new productiion plant inaugurated in the 2020
6 different capacities of our PLANETMIXERS
0 as comparable machineries to Gorreri Technologies for performance, strength and constructive quality.
Endless. The shapes and products typologies feasible with our technologies


“ We’ve never limited ourselves to the simply role of machineries manufacturer, but we’ve always tried to meet our customers’ requirements, with the design of new conception plants able to produce not only profit, but also satisfaction and recognition. It’s with these qualities that we present ourselves to you, with the purpose of being able to put our technology and know-how at your disposal to look together to the future with a new perspective”

Luca Gorreri - General Manager


Our Mission

To Provide the best technology to help customers to achieve their goals, optimizing production process. 
To Deliver to our customers highly customized solutions, performant and technologically “cutting edge”, ensuring at the same time the best Italian quality and an efficient sale and after sale service.
To Ensure long term return on investment and global customer satisfaction.

To Provide innovation and satisfaction. Always.