Innovative systems for printing, writing and food decorating that will make finally possible to customize and make your product unique



Gorreri presents a new and innovative range of devices able to change forever the way of decorating and personalizing cakes, biscuits, snacks, bread, macarons and any other food product.
Innovative and speedy printing systems, both color or black and white, that permits to customize snacks,
sponge cakes, macarons, dairy cream or cream masked cakes, buns, biscuits, cake rusks or melba toasts
with writings, images or logos, using totally edible inks, certified and customizable.
Discover F.A.S.T. PRINTER
                                                                                                  Robotic technologies able to transfer on cakes, biscuits, macarons orother drawings and writings
executable even manually on touch screen or from PC.

Discover WROBOT




F.A.S.T. PRINTER and WROBOT are automated writing and printing systems, able to replicate with precision writings, drawings and decorations that up to now could have been made only manually with great use of time and only by specialized personnel.
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