Electronic systems for dosing directly on continuous running ovens conveyors



Electronic dosing system to dose batters directly onto oven band or into pans before the product enters the oven (tunnel oven, serpentine oven, spiral oven).

In line with Gorreri philosophy, each Gorreri dosing system is studied to grant precision and ease of use, according to the highest standards for hygienic design.



Dosatronic DEG is designed to dose directly on continuous running ovens conveyors. The dosing system unit is set on a strong and stable stainless steel structure, on adjustable feet. It can be configurate with a customizable range of dosing heads, easily interchangeable to dose different products of different size, weight and shape.
Product switch is designed to grant high flexibility and easy maintenance, thank to Gorreri tools free design which allows to operate on the machine in an easy, quick but safe way.
DEG can be designed for single and multiple transversal dosage.



DEG-C is the dosing machine wich merges all the innovation, reliability and precision of DEG on a C-shaped frame on wheels, with one single shoulder and its own independent touch-screen to be integrated on a pre-exixting line or to be easily moved to grant flexibility of production and speed up maintenance operations.




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Operator's Interface

One or more touch screens, which through intuitive controls, allow to program the speed, phases, times and cycles of each operation, with safety.


Dip Solution Doser

Dip solution dosing and distributing unit


Cream/jam distributor

Cream/jam distributor


Disc Overlapping and pressing


Robotic arm for sponge cake disc overlapping and pressing in automatic


Cake Masking

Dairy cream cake masking, side and top, for round shape


Grain Distributor

Cake side grain distributor for round cake


Dairy Cream Decorating Unit

Dairy cream decorating unit with straight or twisted roselet