[Food and Sweets Technologic Printer]

F.A.S.T. PRINTER is the innovative system engineered by Gorreri to print with edible and certified inks on cakes, macarons, bread, cake rusks or melba toasts and all other products you want to create as unique.
F.A.S.T PRINTER is engineered to print writings, images and drawings over the food product directly from your PC, even remotely. It is able to print over 100 different images in sequence or over the same production row. F.A.S.T. PRINTER prints with a color or b/w multi-head by means of double head that guarantees image sharpness and avoids break downs.

• Natural inks, certified all over the world and customizable
• Speed and sharpness
• Totally certified for the food industry
• Self-cleaning printing heads system



• Total stainless steel frame
• Certified printing heads for the alimentary use in all over the world
• Stand alone or in line installation even on existing lines with conveyor belt width between 600 and 1500 mm
• Single or double pass printing heads, monochrome or in quadrichromy
• Automatic feeding of inks
• Head cleaning automatic system during production
• Electronic setting of distance between printing head and product
• Continue printing possibility by means of plotter device
• Control board equipped with industrial PC with touch screen interface for an easy images loading management.
• Possibility to manage printing remotely



Every printing system is equipped with a license for the printing management
• N°1 ink tank for every color
• N°1 ink Kit
• N°1 head cleaning Kit



• Maximal flexibility of use
• Possibility to install it in different areas of the production line thanks to the compact dimensions
• Very low printing costs



1950 x 1450 x 1900 mm



Printing width for each head: 70-280 mm.
Maximum plotter printing width: up to 1500 mm
Distance between product and head: from 1 to 5 mm
Printing resolution: 360 x 360 dpi
Maximum printing speed: 30 meters/minute