WROBOT is the innovative and technological Robot for printing, drawing and decorating cakes, biscuits, buns and every other type of product that needs to be unique.
WROBOT, through a rotating arm, is able to transfer drawings and writings directly from a PC to the end product. It is also able to make perfect decorations with whipped cream, cream, icing, chocolate and butter creams. Write, import or draw, even by free hand on touch screen a draw, a decoration or a writing.
WROBOT will replicate them on your product precisely and fast.


• Perfect for masked cakes with whipped cream and already decorated
• Possibility to write with an electronic impulses gun
• Possibility of heated nozzles to write with chocolate
• Availability of “stand alone” (free standing) or “in line” machine
• Fast and precise
• Totally certified for the food industry
• Easy to use, quick to clean
• Easy interchangeability of decorating and writing nozzles



• Stainless steel frame on castors
• Conveyor belt with useful width of 450 mm
• IP67 Sanitary robot version
• Stainless steel integrated electrical cabinet
• 10” touch screen display with industrial PC for the printing and decoration direct management
• For the decoration of square and round cakes



• N°1 writing nozzle for the writing and decoration
• N°1 automatic feeding system
• N°1 stainless steel stocking tank
• N°1 interface decoration software
• N°1 kit of preloaded images and writings



• N°1 multi-exit decorating head
• Head for the decoration with whipped cream and icing
• Nozzle with chocolate heated system



1500 x 1150 x 2000 mm



Writing speed and drawing: Up to 300 mm/s.
Maximum cake dimensions: Round: 350 mm - square: 600 x 400 mm.
Power supply: 16 A – 400 V AC