Ultrasonic Cutting Machine




Cuttersonic GCS-A is the automatic ultrasonic cutting device for industrial production lines of several width (600-800-1000-1200-1500 mm).

(particular of the GCS-A MONO HEAD)

Stainless steel AISI 304 carrying structure assembled on special stainless steel adjustable and anti-vibrating feet, with independent adjustment of the height. Stainless steel panels and wide protection carters which could be opened in order to simplify the cleaning and maintenance operations.
Electronically adjustable conveyor belt by inverter and encoder integrated into the motor.
Adjustable plate to align perfectly the cut profile of the blades the machine regulates itself according to the product speed and the length of the product to be cut.
Robotic axis control to synchronize the 3 axis (product advancement, horizontal axis trolley and blades vertical movement) and to optimize the movements by the use of electronic cam.
Electronic ultrasonic generators, stainless steel converters (food sanitation model), boosters made of titanium, cut blades made of titanium.
Forced cooling of the converters and titanium blades carried out through filtered and purified compressed air.
Electric board in separate stainless steel cabinet AISI 304 with programming of the recipes through HMI Touch Screen panel.
Independent management of all parameters of the cutting phase like: product length, pursuit speed, programming of the electronic cam of blade descending, with the possibility to set up the part where the wave width is to be increased, in order to penetrate the product in the optimal way.

Also available with Double Cutting Head

(particular of the GCS-A DOUBLE HEAD)