Art. SHG08
Horizontal Injecting machine SHG08



The structure is totally made of stainless steel 304 and it is composed of:
  • Tray transport equipped with ushers for the product perfect positioning and step advancement with control of the position by electronic devices.
  • Loading hopper made of stainless steed, double walled for the product heating.
  • njecting head equipped with valve made of special plastic material.
  • Injecting pistons, pneumatic operated, equipped with mechanic step regulation (equipped with special seals in accordance to the FDA rules). The injection head is mounted on a trolley, mechanically driven by a frequency converter at rapid advancement (needles insertion) and slow return movement in order to allow a uniform distribution of the filling. After the filling the product is discharged from the transport by a pushing device. The working logic is controlled by a PLC with touch screen interface.