Art. DVG700
DVG700 Depositor


The DVG700 dosing unit is a machine appositely studied for the confectionary industries to fill, inject or decorate different types of products from batters, creams, jams and other liquid products with high output quantity. The dosing operations can be done by pressing a pedal or manually by using a decorating gun.

The machine frame is entirely made of stainless steel mounted on castors and the hopper has a total volume of 40 l.

This piston depositor can be equipped with four different dosing cylinders for several volumes:
- n. 1  from 0 ml up to 80 ml;
- n. 2 from 80 ml up to 400 ml;
- n. 3 from 100 ml up to 750 ml;
- n. 4 from 400 up to 1000 ml.

Our DVG700 dosing unit has its most strongest points on:
a) cleanliness;
b) accuracy;
c) efficiency.

this dosing unit is manufactured with assembling toolless parts that are easily removable to permit a simpler cleaning.

depositors DVG series, together with the FESTO pneumatic system, use a reliable valve closure for a perfect dosing quantity.
With the help of a useful handwheel, user can set and adjust the exact quantity or portion of the product to be used per stroke.

mounted on a mobile frame with swivel castors, it can be easily moved from one place to another.
Even with large inclusions or particles inside the liquid products, our depositors can run efficiently without damaging them.

It’s possible to equip the dosing machine with different optionals, like:
- bigger hopper of 60 liters;

- special rotating nozzle for cake masking;
- various nozzles for the distribution and the decoration of creams or jam, including vertical movement of the nozzle up and down for a better application to the layer;
- dosing gun equipped with alimentary flexible hose
- heated hopper with temperature control.

The main difference with the smaller version DVG500 is the diameter of the outlet and the diameter inside the exit valve.
Technical features
Max Production 40 strokes per minute
Air consumption 320 l/min (6 atm)
Dimensions 1360 x 600 x 1920 (mm)
Weight 100 Kg