Art. TURBOMIXER GTM Series 300
Turbo emulsifier

TurboMixer GTM Series 300

The product storage tank and the vertical continuose mixing head patented “Vertimix® Technology” are lodged in a single structure, constructed entirely in stainless steel AISI 304.
The head’s vertical disposition permits to improve the product’s homogenisation. With our technology is possible to obtain lower density, rispect a mixing head in horizontal position, and a beter distribution of the air inside the product. The special head's design allow a better chilling efect and the counter flow of the cooling solutin rispect the product's flow improve of a 25% the cooling effect respect a traditional mixing head. Our TURBOMIXER are very indicated when is necessary to foam, dairy creams 100% animal fat or when the products to foam contain low fat till to a 25% thanks to the high speed reachable by our mixing head, over 1.000 rpm. For "High risk" products we have developed special solution equipped with Clean in Place (CIP) and Steam in Place (SIP) to follow up fully FDA rules, our machine are indicated for the confectionary industry and dairy industry. The model GTM 300 is able to foam products from 0 up to 400 l. per hour.