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SHG Horizontal filling lines with elevate versatility, perfect for filling jams, creams and highly viscous creams.


The horizontal injecting machines Mod. SHG Series are highly flexible units able to diversify and optimize the production.
Many products can be filled (hopper heating system is optional) as well as filling typologies that can be performed.
Thanks to the servomotor it is possible to perform spot, multi-spot and strip fillings only selecting the mode in the recipe.

The structure is totally made of stainless steel AISI304 and it is composed of:

  • Belt made with special spacers for the housing of the products.
  • Step by step belt motorization at high speed with motor controlled by vector inverter.
  • Belt is easily removable without disassembling parts of the dosing head.
  • Pneumatic product pusher moves laterally the filled products to a clear area for the packaging system.
  • Stainless steel hopper of a capacity of 40 liters approx.
  • The injection head is mounted on a trolley, mechanically driven by a frequency converter.
  • The dosing head structure is made of anodized aluminium.
  • Series of pistons equipped with special sanitation type seals.
  • Injection needles easily removable and washable equipped with a special quick release system without using any spanner.
  • Washing phase with a manifold to make a closed loop.
  • A powerful PLC, combined to a last generation touch screen panel, allows to check every filling cycle and save 50 different recipes.